A few months ago I was thinking about how it will be to have a website on which I could tell about my journeys in this small, but amazing country. There was no time to think about it properly, but under a impulsive move I’ve just bought a domain and in the last couple of days I’ve started working on host possibilities, some CSS changes and finally, today, I have posted my first article there.

I want for www.morethanamsterdam.com to be that kind of website on which you can find valuable information about cities or villages, zoos or nature parks, that you would want to visit in The Netherlands. I would like for this new website to bring more value in the travelers diary by making them going out of Amsterdam, by learning and experiencing new journeys. And I would also like for the residents of the country to be inspired by our travels and for them to visit more their country, as there was no discussion I had with a Dutch citizen in which he wouldn’t tell me how I traveled more than he did.

Hopefully, you, my readers, would like to support me by following, sharing and even writing if you would have the pleasure. While petraisgone is a personal blog, http://www.morethanamsterdam.com has the purpose of bringing valuable content to its readers. See you there!