During the event I have participated 2 weeks ago I managed to visit a little bit of Berlin outside the industrial factories transformed in clubs or working places. During that day I had visited the center, climbed the dome and  walked along the East Side Gallery – the 1.3 kilometer painted wall along Spree river. In today’s post about the center and dome.

Being located near Alexanderplatz it was quite easy to walk around the main streets of the city center, big streets with multiple stores, big churches and immense TV tower.

Usually not inclined to do shopping while visiting a city, this time I’ve strolled around some shops and finally found a bag I’m searching for more than 3 months. Compared with Amsterdam or other cities around NL, Berlin has many stores with large space – so you will find a lot of merchandise in the store itself and not only online. The area around Alexanderplatz has multiple malls and you can find there almost everything. Should I speak about the price too? It’s incomparable much cheaper than what you find in NL.

Following the route to the dome from the TV tower, the majestic Neptune fountain will attract you to count the drops and take some pictures. Neptune is looking out from his throne, wondering how come so many people come to see him.

Statue symbolizing Rhine river.

It is pleasant to walk around the large streets, seeing towers at horizon, not feeling suffocated of crowds. Even if there were many tourists, the city didn’t left the impression of strangle. The same feeling I had while entering the dome of Berlin. Not many people were pushing to get inside and we were total 10 with the desire to climb the 267 stairs in order to get to the top. In the end it was kind of hard for me too (after only 3 hours sleep), but I have managed and the viewing from above is breathtaking! For sure it’s something you shouldn’t miss while visiting Berlin.

Berlin came with some changes in my mind, maybe due to the fact that people seem to be so free there. I have met so many people with so many dreams and this made me think about me again. I came a changed person back, somehow more satisfied with my life and with some ambition to follow what I consider my dreams to be currently. Besides finally investing time in learning artificial intelligence, I have decided to start a new project online. Wish me luck, please 🙂