It took me some time to arrange a trip to Vienna, capital of Austria, but, sincerely, reading online about it I wasn’t really in the mood of visiting another crowded, exhausting city. But finally I did it this year while visiting friends – which for sure made me feel like home in the modern city, with beautiful architecture and people.

As I was planning the trip, I had, deliberately, searched for some green areas; I had 3 days to spend in Vienna and museums were not on the list for such a short amount of time. If you look on Google Maps a green line is placed in the east part of the city and it is, in fact, a national park – Donau-Auen. My initial scope was to visit Orth an der Donau, the description seemed more appealing from the website, but due to the lack of public transport and long time spent on the road, we’ve decided to take the bus and hick a little in the Lobau area, more exactly the closest part to Vienna. On the above website you can find more information about the bus and the stations, it was kind of easy to take the correct one. You can also go with the bike, of course!

I think I had too high expectations after reading the website of the park, because in the end it was a normal park. But if you want to disconnect from the city, in the woods, by a river or lake, it is the perfect place to do so. Take some mosquito lotion with you as we left the park with multiple signs (I had one for almost 2 weeks). Also prepare yourself to see a lot of naked guys, it seems that the area around the lake (located close to the main entrance) is a nudism area. For us it was a totally surprise to meet with one guy showing everything right in the middle of the small trail.

We followed the yellow route in the hope of finding the beavers – which in the end was only 1, trapped in a small river, fenced with metal. Quite a depressing view in the middle of the nature…

Anyway, in the end it was a nice day, in nature, admiring fields with potato flowers and being surrounded by diverse butterflies/insects in their most beautiful color.