Lately I am busy with so many things that I don’t find time and disposition for new travels and, sadly,  the future doesn’t look that bring in this direction. When I opened this blog I had in mind to write about places I’ve visited back home, in Romania, or which I will visit being in NL. After 15 countries I have to admit that I am a little bit tired of all the weekend trips and city breaks and, for sure, this year I will not have a longer holiday as I have bigger plans here, in NL. Anyway, luckily I live in a beautiful country and Haarlem, one of the best cities, has so many hidden places and trails.

More than one year ago we’ve discovered a trail from our house going exactly at the entrance of the Zuid-Kennemerduinen park and we are wandering there more and more – especially now that the sunset is after 22:00. This is the trail near on the canal which is exploding with nests and babies in April-May… do you remember these guys? Unfortunately from the many babies out this year, only some remain: even the family with 5 has only 2 grown American Cot – I guess all because of the seagulls.

Usually as we enter Overveen we head to the lake and spend some time on a bench, but last time we’ve decided to turn left on a street covered with tree crowns, lonely in the evening. After a couple of minutes we were in Elswout park, entering through the old gate and reaching the restaurant, in which a wedding was taking place.

                                                                             Dream house?

There are these parts in NL where people sell what they produce.

We eat grass all day long!

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