As soon as the sun is starting shining in the lovely Dutch summer (which seems to be started since 2 weeks already) you can see the canals crowded with boats. Either personal boats or rented ones, the seats are taken by happy, joyful people, having a drink or 2, listening to not so loud music, enjoying the scenery. Each time I stay on the canal I contemplate of how nice it will be for us to rent a boat and, finally, yesterday we’ve did it. Having family over was the best occasion to do this kind of trip, in order to show them the city we live in.

We have rented a boat from Green Joy, feeling a little bit uncomfortable due to the fact that everything is done online. You need to book the boat online, pay with a card (it will take 150e deposit and they say they will return it the next day after the rental day) and you need to give your phone number. Having the number of the boat rented you need to send an SMS with it and the boat will be activated. At return you need to send again SMS with it in order to deactivate the boat and close the rental period. It is really easy and, in case of need, they have a call center you can call for questions. One advice: in case you are many one should get in the boat first and close the draining plug before everyone else: we’ve entered together and we’ve got some water in the boat.

It’s always fun to see a city from the water and Haarlem is, for sure, a beautiful city. Below a timelapse video we’ve done during the trip with a GoPro camera. Enjoy! 🙂