In the first post about Apenheul I have described the nice part in the unique park and posted pictures with the happy free monkeys or gorillas with a lot of space. But there’s no zoo in the world without animals expressing some kind of sadness, the empty glance and silent sighs.

Bonobo chimpanzees are the first on the list as they have so many in common with the human race starting from the expression of the face and ending with a 99% DNA similarity. Maybe the way they were embracing themselves doesn’t have any sense, but it was so heartbreaking to see one of them searching a spot to stop and to hug himself, having the saddest face I saw in the park that day. One thing to take into account, though, is that the specie is endangered and being at the zoo can contribute in combating this somehow.

The orangutan is the next one on the list – a critically endangered species. They had quite a place in the park, multiple stairs on the trees and a huge inside room. But, through the window, there was one which was looking at you with resignation.

Don’t remember the name of this little guy, but he was bored and didn’t had that much place to inspect.

Closing this post with some photos of the baboons. They have a special area in the park, they cannot roam wherever they want, but you can enter the area and stay right by them. In the sun they had only 1 issue: searching one another of fleas. There was also a little one, strongly attached to his mother, but I didn’t had the occasion to take a picture, only his ear is visible in one of them.

Are you done?
There’s the little one, in the middle 🙂