It was a hot summer. Suddenly I saw in front of the apartment block a cat taking care of her kittens and I was, of course, thrown in a deep sensitive state. It took me around 2 months until I’ve convinced D. to take one of the babies home, but it still was a surprise when I saw him at the door, exactly 1 month after our first annual celebration, with a cat “bouquet” – the normal paper used for flowers but with cat on the top. After some time, later in the evening, D. was asking if I am sure I want to keep her, but it was clear that I will not give her away. Not then, not now after 8 years.

Pica was around 3 months old when she came into our lives. Until then she lived in the basement of the building, because a neighbor was taking care of the kittens and she was afraid of cruel people to do them harm. But because of the humidity Pica had fungus and in the first 3 years it was just appearing from time to time. She is fine now 🙂
She was so small that I could keep her in my palm. Little, energetic and crazy.

The story goes that D. was coming home after a unsuccessful try of buying flowers from the market with the occasion of 1 year and 1 month (last time we’ve had monthly celebrations). In the garden in front of the building there were 3 kittens so he just went to the fence and started calling them. From all of them only Pica came and this was her choice, not ours. We are laughing that she was always a foodie and this is why she picked us. After only 1 night at our house she forgot about her mother as the next day, on the way to the vet, we’ve met with her but Pica simply reacted like she was a stranger. By time we’ve observed that she is not highly sociable and we say that she is able to love only 2 persons at a time. Oh, Pica is a short name from “Pisica” which means “cat” in Romanian.

Yeah, it’s me, only me, I’m the center of Universe!

I cannot say anything about the life with a dog, but for sure I can say a lot about ours with Pica. First of all there is no decision we are not doing without thinking about her. Maybe it can be considered cruelty from our side, but we have accustomed her with staying alone for multiple days in a row – so we can travel. She is also used to eat whenever she wants to, food is always available, so leaving her alone more than 1 day doesn’t produce issues. Usually she is fatter when we come back from holidays, most probably due to the lack of playing. Nowadays you can find a lot of food and water dispensers which will make life even easier.

There are some simple rules we’ve applied and these consist of having food all the time, not giving our food to the cat and going to the vet for the annual checkup (even if there is nothing happening). These helped us a lot in having a less stressful life because of Pica.

Are you for real?!

You always see these funny videos or quotes about cats and most of them are true. Pica is the master of the house, there are places where if you stay she will come to check you and sometimes she will just try to send you away if she’s not comfortable with you there. She will also be available for petting only if she wants to: if you are in the mood of cuddling and she isn’t then you don’t have any chance. If you don’t clean the litter she will urinate exactly next to the litter. If you don’t leave her in peace she will bite you. If she doesn’t like you you will find out.

Master (master), of (of), puppets!

Some tips & tricks in raising a cat:

  • Don’t retain her from food, as you would like to be able to eat whenever you want it is the same for your cat;
  • Change the water daily;
  • For the litter the best sand is the silicate one. There is no smell, no sand inside the house and cats seem to like it;
  • If you don’t want to spend money on toys don’t worry. Anyway the cat will play more with a ball made from a plastic bag than with whatever fluffy mice you buy;
  • Food can be expensive, but if you order it online in bigger packs in the end is cheaper. I imagine it can be harder to pay a bigger amount at the beginning, but on the long run it is worth it;
  • Go to the vet for the annual check. In the first years there’s a huge possibility to go more frequently, but having a doctor looking at the cat can save you from undesired disease (for you and your cat);
  • If you are sure your cat will not have babies then sterilization/castration is A MUST. We’ve waited 1 year for Pica and she had huge issues, she is totally operated now, without uterus. It seems that for female cats sterilization is recommended since 3 months old, but consult with the veterinary and he will help with the process;
  • Having a cat can be sometimes overwhelming, especially if it’s an indoor cat. She sometimes can be pushy and annoying, but ignorance is the key. There’s nothing you can’t fix with ignorance or with a powerful sound (cats are afraid of sounds – eg vacuum cleaner);
  • If you are planning to move from the current house be prepared for the cat to take some time. In the first 3 days Pica staid hidden under the stair, she was coming out only for eating and toileting, but day by day she regain trust and now she’s the owner of the house;
  • Enjoy the ride.

Having a Christmas tree?

Would you like to study?

Or maybe you would like to work from home…

But she will be always next by you, watching over:

Looking back, Pica is one of the best decisions I’ve done in my life. Before her I used to consider people crazy when I heard them speaking about their cats, but now.. now I’m crazy too. Isn’t she adorable? 🙂