I need to be frank: in my early years I was the common rock fanatic kid with dark painted eyes, black t-shirts, black jeans, black shoes, black leather jacket. As time passed by I have somehow left this behind, but I still had a lot of enjoyment going to rock bars or clubs during my university years – not the “true rock”, more a punk combined with alternative. In the end death metal is not attractive anymore.

Anyway, moving to The Netherlands I’ve started to miss it day by day: the clubs where everyone was dancing on Metallica, Pink Floyd (oh, yes!) or some easier stuffs like old punk. Oh, and the rock nights with SOAD, MM, Sepultura, Pantera and so on. And searching for a rock bar here is like searching for the needle in haystack! We saw some in Haarlem but each time we’ve passed by they were closed. And once I saw on maps this one: Lugosi’s, somewhere in between the train station and the city center’s market.

I was expecting to be more a black metal bar based on the name and the skeletons at the window. But no, the music was excellent! (I don’t like black that much anymore) For around 2 hours we’ve listened to The Tubes – which I didn’t knew about and I’ve enjoyed listening. The beer has the normal price and there are 2 darts boards available if you are interested to play. And now the exciting part: the bar is decorated with some morbid stuff and with a lot of Dracula related objects. Vampires, bats, skeleton heads, stickers with different “morbid” themes. Now, that you know about this, do you know where the name of the bar comes from?

The main attraction, the smoking room which has the door as a coffin lid.

So if you are in the area, enjoying rock music it is worth a visit as it is almost the only bar in Haarlem with some good music.