I cannot believe that already 2 months passed since our travel in Scotland! I enjoyed it that much that the memories are still fresh, that I still feel the kindness and smile of people, that I still hear the beautiful accent. From our itinerary only Glasgow remained unwritten on this blog.

The airport itself made me feel so much better after an early flight: the tunnel taped with wood photographs and the sound of birds singing – what else would you find as an welcoming encounter? I have to admit that Glasgow wasn’t as nice as Edinburgh – at least not when it comes to buildings, nature and history. But it had some others to offer, especially when it comes to drinking pubs and joyful people I think there’s no place to overcome it.

The city starts having life since early in the morning until late in the night – when the city center’s streets are filled with groups of people laughing, talking out loud. I couldn’t imagine how this will be if drinking alcohol outside would be allowed. I think there are 2 moments of the day to enjoy the city most: mornings (when people are just starting to get out) and evening (when the city vibrates under good moods).

There is nothing on the attractions list I have visited outside the Glasgow Green park, but I have wandered around the streets in order to get some energy and some disposition. And if I was with heartache of getting older there is no better place to find a cure for this than Glasgow: whisky bars offering half-priced whisky for the ones celebrating their birthdays.

Things I have found intriguing: young drunken couples going out with the parents (maybe to keep an eye on them? ), people coming to pubs with the plastic water bottle (the one used when you exercise) in order to buy beer, overcrowding of pubs (even if there was no place to stay even on your feet, people were still getting in and order drinks) and the fact that the tobacco price was not regularized by the state (we paid different money for the same pack of cigarettes –  at one shop they even asked for 11 pounds! ). And, of course, you could find art street easily, the below pictures are from a parking lot:

What can I say more? Glasgow wasn’t for me the typical city break, especially because I was able to visit the Highlands. And also because it is not a typical city, it simply boils with good disposition, laughter and beautiful boys in kilts. 🙂