It wasn’t long until I’ve realized that the city center is closed. The bus had to take a detour and on the screen there was something written in Dutch about the stations from the center, but I totally forgot about the Flower Parade when I’ve booked the tickets. Coming back from a 2 weeks holiday in Romania, with my head filled with plans and trillions of thoughts, with my heart in sorrow for leaving again my family at so many kilometers away, asking myself if I will find the cat OK or not, I wasn’t in the mood of any celebration, especially when it started rain and I’ve found myself with the huge luggage at the train station, at 1.5 km away from home.

But as I’ve started to move on, getting closer to home and entering Gedempte Oude Gracht street, the joy installed easy in each particle of my body. The street was closed and people were gathering around to greet the people being part of the beautiful parade. After a 20 kilometers travel I think most of them were happy to finally get to the end point and as we were preparing to enter our apartment we heard people joyfully screaming and music. It wasn’t much until we could see kids dressed in flower costumes and the cars covered with amazing flower design.

When I went on the balcony in the morning a powerful, pleasant smell of hyacinth hit me. Most of the designs are done with hyacinths and as you stroll on the street the smell will keep your tail as nothing. If last year I went on the street early in the morning, this time I’ve waited for more people to come. After 13:00 the street was already crowded, children running around, people taking pictures or eating a hot dog. Of course, The Famous Unknowns couldn’t miss the event and they were here again singing as good as always.