The story says that I was 3 when I first visited Bucharest. The only memory I have is related with the metro travel we took at that time, but my guess is that, in fact, is more a memory my parents infix. Anyway, the memories I have since I was 18 years old are for real and sometimes it feels like it was yesterday the day I’ve climbed Victory street in order to get to the University to subscribe for the mathematics exam. There are many places around the old town still vivid in my mind, even if there are already more than 2 years since I left.

I have to admit that I didn’t like what I’ve found. I don’t know if the things changed drastically in the last years or simply it was the same before and I was integrated in the way things work. I do remember that everyone was angry, always in a rush, pushing people around, not keeping the queue, but now it seemed even worse. On top of that the restaurants in the old town are more expensive now and the price of beer is higher that what we’ve payed in Prague.

But if there is something Romanian then that’s the sense of humor. We have a saying that you can always make fun from pain and the city is filled with funny quotes or commercials, even from the state.

Advertising from Romanian authorities: Smuggling is a fashion From 2 to 7 years
Poetry in a park from Romanian authorities, saying that you should enjoy a walk in the park without covering it with garbage
There was a time when you couldn’t find coffee at each corner, but now, since it was a success for others, the coffee trucks are like the mushrooms after rain. This one is saying that they sell a coffee more bitter than the smile of your ex’s.
Maybe this shouldn’t be funny, but more sad. The authorities are investing money in this kind of things, instead of using them for real necessities. But in the end who needs to travel? You can admire Italian statues in neighborhoods far from the city center.

When video chatting appeared in Romania you could see many people giving flyers with it. Of course, you can imagine what kind of video chat! My country is still a very religious one (you can’t imagine how much!) and this activity was forbidden by law. But this doesn’t means that they are not doing it still. At the metro they are still giving flyers like the one below, in which it is saying that you can work whenever you want, you have your private room and you receive weekly money from a modelling American agency. But the Romanian state sleeps, no wonder.

I had a 2 weeks holiday in Romania, spending time with my family in the North of the country and some days in Bucharest. I missed my house and my cat and the feeling of not being a part was intense. I think I’ve decided that I will not return. Even if there are so many things I lack here in The Netherlands. For example, theater. I forgot how pleasant it is to hear people saying jokes you can understand, using words with another meaning, playing on the scene.

End of the show at Jewish State Theater