5 in the morning. The alarm started singing and with almost no energy we were able to get out from the house in around 30 minutes. As soon as we’ve entered the main street we saw the airport bus passing and we thought that we will need to wait for another 10 minutes when we saw that the bus was not leaving the station. There were around 3 minutes for us to get to it, I was with my heart full of doubts, thinking that for sure he will leave in any second. But no, the driver just waited for us to get in. This was a sign that a wonderful day is starting.

When we’ve got to Schiphol the sun was already breaking the clouds to get upper and upper. After the normal security control, we took a coffee and admired the sunrise from the waiting lounges. I don’t know why, but the time passes faster while in the airport. And there we were finally boarding the KLM flight to Glasgow at 8 am.

Eneco mills in the North Sea
Scotland from above

I always find amusing traveling to UK: you have a flight of 1h30 minutes, but you get there in only 30 minutes on your clock as UK is 1 hour behind. Some other thing that I’ve start liking in UK is the fact that you can scan directly your European passport, without passing through the normal interview “how long are you planning to stay? are you visiting family? where do you stay?”. Glasgow airport is small, but it has something I never saw until now: as you leave the international flights passport control you enter in a long corridor with the wall covered with tree images. As you pass this corridor you can hear birds singing, as there are some audio boxes at each corner.

No one?!

The connection from the airport to Glasgow city center is fast: there’s a bus running at max each 10 minutes and in 30 minutes you are on the Queen Street, near by George Square. It’s 500 bus and we’ve paid for a open return ticket 10 pounds (it is available 4 weeks). The chairs in the bus have USB port so you can charge your gadgets if you used them too much on the flight.

Glasgow, Duke of Wellington statue. At first we thought it’s joke the traffic cone, but it seems it was a joke around 40 year ago which was transformed in a part of the statue by time. There are even postcards with the statue with the cone.

The plan was to visit as much as we can in the next 3 days. We had part of a beautiful weather, without rain, and the friendliest people we have ever met in our travels. So we did this:

Unfortunately there was an accident so the route was changed a little bit, we had to come back from Lochend to Fort Augustus, but passing above Loch Ness is something it shouldn’t be missed.

My birthday came with one hour less, but we had the opportunity to travel as sunset was happening on the North Sea:

About what I seem to think about as the best destinations in Europe in the following posts – until then a sneak preview of Loch Lomond Park: