I wouldn’t say that this is the best city of Friesland, but for sure it is one in which we’ve made some memories. One thing it was passing through my mind so many times while roaming around was how come there are so many hospitals in the center. Another thing that comes to my mind it’s the image of the guy smoking weed and walking his rabbit in a leash: the guy was just begging the rabbit to move further with almost no luck, it took him 5 minutes to make the rabbit move 1 step, but in the end he had all the time in the world.

Yes, it’s true, in the above pictures there is crap. This image is from the FriesMuseum, and what can I say other than that it was really fun to visit it. Most of the videos in the museum will be in Dutch only, but there are some exhibitions in English too. The above one was part of an exhibition about ingredients used in different jobs and it seems that in Friesland people had a special toilet in order to be able to keep the crap and afterwards to sell it. It was used, of course, as fertilizer. And of course the crap of rich was more expensive than the crap of poor, since the rich had diverse spices in their meals.

After having some fun in the museum and learning that Mata Hari was born in Leeuwarden we’ve headed to the center, along the canal, to see the birthplace of the so known spy-dancer. On the way the beautiful scale building (waag) can be admired – it is now a restaurant, like many of them around the country.

When we’ve got to the birthplace of Mata Hari only a statue of her will be there to make people remember her. The house has no sign and it isn’t possible to distinguish it.

It’s a pleasure to have a walk around the old city center: beautiful houses, hidden gardens and old churches. Lucky for us we’ve found a nice place to eat and the food was amazing, wiping off the bad experience from Terschelling.

Isn’t this the smallest house you’ve ever seen?
The leaning tower of Leeuwarden – one of the top attractions, closed during winter time.

Leeuwarden also has on it’s streets art, just look at the 2 below. There is also a tour you can take (by yourself), you can find the details of the streets here.


We’ve spent only some hours in the city, missing some of the touristic attractions, but for a weekend trip it was worth it. Hope you’ll enjoy it too!