Reading Dutch news in English can be sometime deceitful (maybe) and what can I say is that from the articles I’ve read people have a sort of a pride when it comes to the country geography: only last year I had seen almost each week an article about parks or islands which should be visited while in The Netherlands. When it comes to islands the most appreciated are the Wadden Islands, North of Friesland and after visiting Terschelling I can say that there are all the reasons to consider this.
As I was saying in my previous post, we took a ferry from Harlingen and in 45 minutes we were already in the harbor of West-Terschelling city. The lighthouse is located in the center of the city and gives an interesting view of the city while coming to the shore. The plan was to take a boat trip for seal spotting, but since we’ve got there around 13:30 and haven’t checked before the schedule of this kind of trips we’ve missed them. So, hungry and a little bit tired from the entire travel, we’ve chosen a place to eat, which was in the end disappointing: I haven’t received what I’ve ordered, the salad was insipid and at the end I had to pay with 50% more comparing with what I’ve wanted to eat in the first place. Another thing was that there was almost nothing with fish in the menu – which was unusual for a island, right?
Anyway, after lunch we’ve headed to the harbor trying our luck to find a boat, but in the end also this was a failure. So we were there with 4 hours to spend on the island, no chance to spot a seal when we saw at the horizon the dunes.

Even if they seemed quite far we’ve started walking towards them, first on the beach and afterwards entering the red trail. In the end we’ve managed to cover 10 km in 2 hours, with a lot of stops to take pictures or simply listen the birds. The field is full with nests of different bird types and the singing is exceptional, especially in this period.

So here we are: in the North of the island, at the North Sea, with high hopes of finding seals. The dreams were ruined completely: on the beach there was a dead seal.

I think one of the reasons the seals are not coming on this part of the beach is that you are allowed to drive on it: there were many 4×4 cars – one thing I completely don’t understand. Why would you let cars on the beach?

Another way to visit the island

Highly disappointed of the human trace on the shore, I left myself rest on the top of the dunes. The sand was so compressed that you have the same feeling as on normal ground. The scenery is incredible and there’s no other feeling in the world comparing with laying on the sand, between yellow grass, seeing the sun starting his setting.

On the way back we took the other route, near the lake. You can not see the birds, but the lake is the house of so many. Passing near it is almost exactly like being surrounded of hundred of birds, but the most powerful sound was the one from the geese.

The trail will drive you to the heart of the city, with a small detour in the woods, by a lake in which the reflection of the trees will make you stay for a while.


In the end we haven’t spotted an alive seal, we had one of the worst lunch ever and I haven’t managed to send postcards from the island (as everything is closing at 17:00). Some dreams were ruined, but they left enough place for others to be born so the island is still here on the list for a future trip.