It is sometimes hard to make a top on your favorite locations, but while traveling around the country I’ve came to know that the saying that The Netherlands is not Amsterdam it is true and there are so many places someone should visit outside coffee shops and red light districts.

URK: it was love at first sight. The small town at sea, which used to be an island. It is a little bit difficult to get there with public transport, but it is still doable (here some tips of planing trips around the country) and being there, eating the best fish ever, will simply wipe the long trip. Here is the post about my visit there.

ENKHUIZEN: I’ve visited the city twice until now (here ) and I wouldn’t mind to visit it again. I simply loved the town, the houses, the open air museum, the fact that there’s a huge park near the sea, that you can see Urk on the horizon.

EDAM: this was our first love. We even thought of moving there, but the public transport is not that great for daily commuting. It is a more touristic place, there is a special bus ride around the Waterland, but this city is purely amazing, especially during summer time when huge Hortensia flowers are reflecting on the canals. About the tour here.

DEN BOSCH: it took us a long time to visit this amazing city and the only regret I still have is that we haven’t been there sooner. The medieval town is different from what you usually find in the urban Dutch style and a visit is a must, especially during summer time in order to take a boat ride on the old canals. We will go there again this summer, as many things are left to visit.

PARK ZUID-KENNEMERLAND: last, but for sure not least. My favorite park, close to home, with many types of reliefs. I purely like to spend time walking, following the trails, searching for bison or highland cattle, ending on the beach somewhere between Zandvoort and Bloemendaal.

Which are the top 5 from the country you live in?