… this was exactly the name of the tour we’ve bought online from here. By mistake I came to know about it and it brought a little bit of joy on Sunday morning, while outside it was raining.


We’ve reserved 2 places for 11:00 o’clock tour and initially we thought we are the only ones, as we were alone during the check-in time – you need to be there with 30 minutes before. The time between the check-in and leaving seemed long at the beginning, but it was transformed in just 15 minutes as we had to be there to meet with the bus driver. Suddenly a group of kids arrived and I thought it will be unpleasant, but in the end the kids were so captured by the tour that they didn’t even talked the entire hour. The check-in desk (which is the meeting point too) was in the airport itself, just near the half of the KLM plane placed near Albert Heijn market.

The tour is in fact a 1 hour bus drive. There are TV screens inside and at each major point on the route a movie will describe the buildings or the area and the utility of it. The movie will be in Dutch with English subtitles, but, unfortunately, the bus driver will speak mainly in Dutch in order to present extra information. He was quite nice, though, because he explained some stuffs in English too – only for the 2 of us. The starting point is right next to the entrance of the airport and the tour will take you around the main areas, where you are not allowed to enter as a passenger. Without any luck for us the weather was not that great so we couldn’t take many pictures along the way. But we’ve left with some extra information and this has made the tour priceless.

These are the private jets “parked” in the designated area at the airport. We even saw a Romanian one, having the small flag near a wing.
The first air traffic control tower of the airport still stands in the East part of the airport. It is since 1960 and you can also get here by public transport.
At one point the bus will stop for about 5 minutes in order to give a break in admiring take-offs of the airplanes. This is a EasyJet airplane preparing for take-off.
Luckily, I’ve managed to capture one taking off.
And another one just landing.
At Schiphol there’s a special department called “bird air control”. Their responsibility is to take care of the 70 species of birds which are living in the airport. Because they are obliged to maintain peace and a beautiful habitat for both bird and human race, the employees are using this kind of cars in order to emit “stressful sounds” in order for the birds to leave the premises. I wouldn’t mind to have this job.

Schiphol is the 3rd busiest airport in Europe with around 64.000 employees and managing, sometimes, 100 flights per hour. There are so many parts which come into picture during a flight and the weather plays an important role – especially here, near the North Sea, in a flat area, where the wind can be unbearable. From the 64.000 employees, 7.000 work only in Security – this is how you can imagine of what importance the security of an airport is. There’s even one kind of a prison close to the airport – you can easily spot it during the tour due to the high fence with electrical wire around.

Oh, yes, you can also get married at Schiphol. Crazy, right?

In the airport there’s also one panoramic terrace which is open to anyone free of charge. We haven’t been there yet, but as soon as the sky will be clear we will give it a try.

As a conclusion: the tour was nice, with a lot of new information, a nice movie to watch and seeing/passing near airplanes gives you another feeling compared with the one when you are there for traveling.