Sometimes it feels like yesterday, when I was celebrating one year of moving. And as simple as that another one passed. On 11th of February we were checking in into the hotel the company arranged for us in Amsterdam. In 2 weeks from that moment we took our cat and after a 3 hours flight we were here, in Haarlem, in front of the building, waiting for the rental agency and the landlord to come to check in into the apartment. Pica, the cat, was scared, being for the first time on the road and for more than 7 hours in the cage. She cried for 3 days in a row, under the stairs, but in the end she’s like home now.

All of these memories are so fresh, I still remember the 8 hours spent in Ikea to decide on the entire furniture or how we’ve searched for 2 weeks for a mop. All of the small things that were confusing then feel so natural now. If last year I was more on the negative side, this year everything is reinvented. I am recharged. Day by day the old life which I was missing so much is replaced by the new way, the new wave which is passing through the synapses of my brain.

What changed in the last year? My job, my friends, my expectations. I’ve traveled again a lot around the country, I’ve discovered nice walking routes close to home and, most important, I’ve decided not to put a lot of pressure on me when it comes to people. From the extremely sociable and extrovert person I used to be in Romania I find myself now a little bit shy and introvert, but I don’t mind anymore. And another thing – which I suppose it comes also by age – I don’t want to have in my personal life people which consume my energy in a negative way. It’s a lesson we all need to learn at some point and for me it took some time to understand that in some cases it is better to let go – the pressure dropped and I feel more positive and relaxed.

What didn’t changed? I don’t speak Dutch, I don’t ride a bicycle, I don’t eat cheese sandwich at lunch. But there’s time this year for these, right? 🙂

I never thought I will love the sea as much as I love the North Sea