After some days of warm weather, the cold and the under 0 degrees started to remember us that it is still winter. And what else to think about if not Denmark, which was kind of cold even during a trip at the end of July?

The main reason of traveling in Denmark was to visit Odense, where H.C. Andersen was born, a small city located on Fyn island. Because our plans got us to the island we also decided to visit Aeroe, another island in the South of Fyn, a small paradise with tiny and colorful houses. Having a return flight from Amsterdam to Copenhagen, we also reserved 2 days in the capital of the country, but at the end of the trip. Being again unable to rent a car we used below transportation ways:

Trains: We traveled by train from Copenhagen airport to Odense and from Odense to Svendborg and from Nyborg back to Copenhagen station. In order to arrange the train trips, DSB website is there for any connections, but, unfortunately, not in English (only the name of the stations are in English which is helpful). This is the main reason we haven’t bought the tickets online, but at the station itself. The price was the same so there was no money lost in this. One thing you should keep in mind when you buy tickets: you have the option to buy the tickets without seats. We bought this kind of tickets for the trip Copenhagen to Odense, a trip of almost 3 hours, a full train, and we had to stay up almost all the time. Another thing is that first class is a true first class in the train: comfortable seats, water and some drinks are available for travelers. We had the occasion to see a group of students sitting there, enjoying the drinks until the ticket controller throw them out. Oh, and the funny thing is that the trains are divided into 3 categories: national, international and to Sweden. And yes, there’s a train which takes you to Malmo in 30 minutes, right on the bridge you see from the airplane as you land.

Oresund bridge
Sunset from Nyborg bridge

Bus: From Svendborg to Nyborg we had taken a bus, since it seemed too much of a hustle to go by train back to Copenhagen. The bus schedule is also available on DSB website and there’s a nice feature they apply on this route (and maybe on others too): if you are a tourist you have special tickets, cheaper than the normal price.

Ferry: Since Denmark is composed of so many islands, ferryboats are sometimes the only way to get from one point to another. What was surprising for me was the trail of jellyfish which was following us in the entire trip from Svendborg to Aeroe. The schedule for this specific ferry is available here.

Meeting with another ferry on our way back

If you are bored of big cities, if you had enough of big museums and buildings or maybe you are tired of smoking weed in Christiania, I truly recommend you to visit Aeroe: it is such a beautiful town, with narrow streets full of gladiolus, which offers you also the occasion to visit cliffs and enjoy the nature.

It is true, a fantasy world there 🙂