dsc03037-01.jpegWho is the one who never heard about Bologna? Only when I think about the delicious lasagna my mind automatically makes a connection with the city from Italy, because the so known bologna lasagna is originally from Bologna (hard guess, right?). But what about tortellini or mortadella?

Having in mind a portion of bologna lasagna in a nice restaurant I’ve arranged a trip to the city, especially because there’s a high speed train from Milan and the trip takes only 1h 10 min. wp-1485377675688.jpgWe’ve spent 10 hours in the city, simply wandering around the center. Starting from the train station, we’ve got to Montagnola park, which has a beautiful entrance with multiple stairs and sculptures. Unfortunately, some of the heads of the sculptures were removed, I guess, by the “hooligans”. At each corner of the park strange groups of people were together analyzing you and looking insistent at you – which made me feel pretty uncomfortable. And passing the park we’ve got to the market: the exact one that it is in Bucharest, in one of the suburbs: tables with a lot of clothes from China, all kind of second hand stuffs and all kind of forged products. Latin blood, huh?


The old city center is really old – they are saying around 2500 years old. But you will not feel this that much: everywhere lots of stores with shiny commercial adds, lots of cafes with modern chairs and tables. Maybe only while wandering around the tiny streets, behind the tumultuous life on the bigger ones. The entire city center is made up from buildings with their impressive arcades. There’s no place you can walk with the sky above your head (unless it is weekend and the streets are transformed in pedestrian roads). The arcades are nice and remarkable, but at one point you will feel more shut than covered.

One thing, though, the arcades protect people from rain/snow – so many street people will sleep under them. This isn’t bothering me, but the fact that they use the arcades as public toilet yes – in some of the areas the smell was unbearable even for a cold winter day. I can’t imagine how it looks/smells like during the summer time.

Another thing that truly set me down was the vibe of the city itself. It was crowded, many people on the street, but I haven’t felt any connection. Maybe because of the weather or maybe because I was already upset due to the “internet images versus reality” shock, but it seemed like we were many tourists for nothing. There aren’t many things to visit, the 2 towers which were created from a stupid competition (and will offer you the images from google), a few museums and that’s kind of everything. And we remained without luck anyway, since the fountain of Neptune was under renovation.

wp-1485377657133.jpgWhat you can visit at each step are churches. God knows I alwayswp-1485377662938.jpg thought Romania has too many churches, but when I saw how many are in Bologna I’ve told myself we are not coming from the same ancestor for nothing. I still think that a nation with so many churches has an issue somewhere ’cause God teaches so much about modesty and in these churches you can find anything else, outside modesty.

The food I’ve got there wasn’t the best one, even if we’ve chose a top 10 on Trip Advisor when it comes to normal range prices. Everywhere it felt, anyway, a bit of a tourist trap, otherwise I can’t imagine how come in a small cafe, on a small street almost out of the center, you pay 4.5e for a hot chocolate – made from powder. And the beer the same – 6e for 400ml glass, exactly like in Milan.

Bologna is the first city in which I am taking only a few photos. It was a huge disappointment to find that the nice pictures from the internet are taken from one single point, that the buildings are so close one to another that you are unable to take a nice photo, that there are cables everywhere or that people are so rude on the street. If I think about it, the day trip to Bologna was a waste of time and money. Or maybe there was something wrong with me?