Being oversized runs in circles and it is so easy for other people to put you down. There will always be someone close to you to tell you that whatever you do it is not enough or that it is not the good way. Usually, the people doing this miss empathy and never went through the process you are following. Everywhere you see products to make you slim (never use them) and on each media channel you see so many videos about sport and how sport changed people’s life. But being oversized you are completely alone in your mind and you don’t find the power to start something.

Never, but never listen to people who put you down. In the end, you are alone in the process of reshaping and there is no one who knows better the struggles you are going through except you. I am so tired of hearing people that I should do sport, without them even knowing me. Not everyone likes sport and not everyone feels comfortable going to a gym; not to mention the fact that the sport doesn’t have a impact in your weight as much as your eating habits have. Nowadays everyone knows better than you what you should do and it is so easy, while being starved and depressed, to simply quit whatever plan you have. Doing sport can be felt as a pressure sometimes and it can push you to emotional eating, without even noticing it. And in the end you realize you are more fluffy – which again will turn you down.

Sport should be an important part of each ones life, but sport can mean so many things. Being oversized is not recommended, for example, to jog, since it will put a lot of pressure on your legs. Or joining directly cardio lessons will demotivate you, because you will not be able to keep up with the rest or with breathing. Another thing to take into account is that you should find a sport that fits you as a person. Going at the gym 6 months, 4 times a week, it was a nice experience, but it wasn’t for me. I was feeling better after the classes, but each time, before going, I had an entire discussion with myself if I should do it or not. So I’ve realized that going to the gym is not the thing that suites me or makes me happy.

We are not having the same work our ancestors did. We are not working the land or cleaning all day long, the physical component of our daily life was diminished by the office jobs and by the technologies we can use siting on the couch. This is why it is important to try moving our bodies more and, it doesn’t matter how you do this, each step counts.

These are some things I’ve applied since 2 week and I feel much better, not to mention that my psysical resistance is higher than before:

Forget about the elevator: You should push yourself to always use the stairs. Maybe for some of us it doesn’t seem such a big thing, but it is. When the only exercise you do is when you go shopping, starting using the stairs is a step in the good direction. And the results will be seen soon, without fast and furious breathing and without the small pain in the legs.

Start walking: Are you using the bus daily? What if instead of the entire trip with the bus to go down a station before or after and walk to your house? This will become a habit in a small amount of time and you will feel so much better, first because you enjoy a little more fresh air and second because you can discover new things in your neighborhood. Just put on some music and walk, it is a healthy thing to do and it will help you in your fight with weight.

On the way home

Exercise a little: I remember each time I went to my nutritionist or to my personal trainer at gym, both of them were saying that using the normal gym bike it is not enough. They used to put me down so bad, because I used to get bored soon on other trainers and because I was not really able to join cardio classes – which are, generally, more fun. It is a good thing to be ambitious, but I prefer to do this in my profession, not in my spare time – and this is it, free time which I should use in a way that gives me satisfaction and a nice feeling. In the end, I don’t want to run in a marathon or to become a sport athlete. My target is to be a little bit in shape, to feel better with my body and not to spit my lungs out at the gym. So for me, a medicinal bike it is perfect. I am using it each 2 days for around 1 hour while watching at the TV. After one hour of it I feel energized and not like dying. I consider that the saying “if it doesn’t hurt you are not doing it well” is extreme and that extreme things are not good. Balance is the key word in everything around us: a balanced meal and a balanced sport hour can do miracles with your body and mind.

This entry is intended for persons who, like me, would like to do some physical exercises and don’t find the ambition inside them. Each step counts and you shouldn’t waste time on interior discussions or frustrations! Go one day at the gym just to try it out (maybe it is a place you like), start walking, use the stairs or run, whatever you would like to do, but just don’t wait for it. This time you are in charge and you should do it now!