Hi all! This is another tip for trips post and this time it is about one of my favorites countries – Spain. I’ve been there several times and the part I liked most is Andalusia, which has so many beautiful places to visit that one life it is not enough to enjoy them. From mountains to the sea, from Christian churches to Arabic Mosques, from European things to Arabic baths. If you would like to read and see pictures from the places I’ve been to, check this category on my blog -> here.

Anyway, let’s get back to the topic. During our trips in Spain we have used 3 public transports:  high-speed trains, normal trains and buses.

High-speed trains: Imagine getting from Barcelona to Madrid in 3 hours or from Madrid to Sevilla in 2. Sounds amazing, right? Not to mention the fact that traveling with a high speed train has some advantages too: restaurant wagon, music, TV and covering the view of so many kilometers only in a number of hours. In order to search the trains I used www.renfe.com which is not available in English, but it is easy to understand the web GUI without even knowing Spanish. You can easily use google translate in case the words seem just incomprehensible. The best thing about these trains is that if you buy the tickets in advance with around 2-3 months then you can get a really good price. Here, http://www.renfe.com/viajeros/tarifas/index.html , you can find the types of promotions the company offers. The one I liked especially is Tarifa 4 Mesa, which is a good options when you travel in 4: at the end of each wagon there are 4 places in front with each other (2 each) and the 4 places are sold in this Tarifa 4 Mesa at once at a reduced price. Another nice thing is that if you fly to Madrid and have a train trip arranged from Madrid to another city the commute from the airport to the main station of Madrid is free of charge.

Normal trains: For the normal trains, as I know, there’s no discount offer if you buy the tickets online. The tickets can be easily bought from the station, from a machine or from the ticket office. The train schedule is also on the Renfe website from above.

Buses: We’ve traveled by bus around Andalusia so I will write about these buses. The website we’ve used is http://www.andalucia.com/ronda/bus-timetables.htm , which offers information about all the companies that operate in the region. The tickets can be bought also from the bus station, each company has their own ticket office. Take a screen shot with the trip you want to buy, since the English is almost inexistent in those areas. You can also buy the tickets online, I still remember the face the bus driver made when he saw them, he was totally surprised and passed them on his forehead (to keep him luck, being for the first time when he saw online tickets). The buses are comfortable and the trip from Seville to Ronda was filled with amazing landscapes.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and helps a little bit in organizing a trip in Spain. It’s a unique place that everybody should visit at least once in their lifetime!