Back in Romania I used to drink only when I was outside, at a terrace or in a pub, with friends by my side, enjoying first the discussion and second the beer. I’ve never been a heavy drinker and, even now, after 2 beers I am starting to feel dizzy – sentiment which is not always comfortable. Maybe one reason was because until some years ago you couldn’t find special beers everywhere and another one that it’s kind of shameful to consume alcohol (but everybody does it).

And then we moved in NL. Now imagine this place with dozens of beer types at any store, with the special Belgium dubbel/tripel beers, UK ones or the blond Dutch ones. Add to this the fact that I am mad about caramel and the dark beers are one of my favorites. Another point to take into account is the fact that, because of the sun not showing up on the sky for several months (with small interruptions) and of long evenings (sunset at 23:00) during summer time, there’s no chance to miss the neighbors getting out on the balcony or in front of the house with a bottle of wine or some beers when the sun is up in the sky. Oh, and not to mention the beach or the parks along the canals which seem to reborn during each summer. The fact that I live next to a church which is producing beer and sells different types of aromatic ones doesn’t help much either.

But in the end how much is too much? Is there a rule that you shouldn’t consume more than 2 or 3 or 4 beers in a evening? I’ve searched on the internet this kind of questions and there’s no correct response. Some say it is a good thing to consume daily a glass of beer, some say it isn’t. Without having any knowledge about the medical stuffs, but seeing people around me getting destroyed because of the alcohol, I am sure there should be a limit and that limit shouldn’t be approached daily. Any kind of alcohol, including beer, at one point will make you more nervous, without the feeling of responsibility and with a dependency hard to defeat.  When it comes to beer another thing you need to take in mind is the fact that it is increasing your appetite and that the grains used to produce it will not replace a meal (but they will weight in calories). So if you already have weight issues, if you already are fighting with losing weight, then one step is to cut beer off. Or at least avoid to consume it daily. And don’t try to replace it with non-alcoholic beers – they are even worse in term of health.

Why did I wrote this? Because as I was writing in this post I’ve started to fight again with my weight. On Sunday, happy that already the progress is shown I’ve celebrated with 2 beers. And this changed already my plan: I was more hungry than normal (in only 2 hours after lunch), I was longing for a lot of sweets or chips (which didn’t happen at all in 1 week without alcohol) and on the second day it had a negative impact on the daily measurement. In the end it seems that even 1 beer is too much for me, especially now. But be sure that after I reach my “state of body” (the weight I will be comfortable with – this is my aim) I will celebrate for sure with a beer, just look at this one!

Enjoying a beer on the beach is incomparable