During our stroll in Zandvoort, on the beach, we came across hundred of starfish, crabs and shells, thrown from the water far by furious waves. The sadness took me quick by the hand: I’ve never seen an alive crab on the beaches of The Netherlands, but dead plenty. And seeing the color drawing away from the beautiful starfish kept the sentiment longer.


It wasn’t far from the biggest hotel on the beach when I saw this little guy. The sun was already long gone and in the dark I made a picture using the flash, moment in which I saw the small being moving. It was kind of far and using 2 shells I’ve managed to throw it again in the water. Without one arm and who knows for how much time without water, I don’t know if it survived. In the hopes I was having a thought came to my mind. What if the weird starfish was in fact the main character from an animation movie, something similar with “Finding Nemo/Dory”. And what if we were the humans giving a helpful hand. Imagine somewhere far in the Galaxy a bunch of aliens watching this movie, which starts with the happy starfish having fun with her friends. Suddenly the sea manifests her fury and the starfish is thrown on the shore, losing one arm. And as she is staying on the drying sand she is thinking death is so close; looking all around seeing the so known creatures already lifeless. Then a couple, wandering around, sees her and rescues her throwing her back in the water. As drifting away to the deep, unknown bottom of the sea, she still has in front the imagine of the 2 humans saving her.

Unfortunately, for other small creatures of the sea, there was no escape.


Ijmuiden never rests

*  pictures taken with the phone and edited with Snapseed