After days of staying and doing almost nothing inside the house, today, when the sun invaded the house like in the spring time I was sure I wanted to get out. And the closest, nicest place to walk around near our house is the trail to the immense dunes park.

I’ve been on this trail many times. I’ve discovered it this year, in march, when drained by the tough winter while I was thinking again to leave, I’ve started walking along the small canal towards Overveen. As warm and flowers started to kick in so the life of the small birds started on the river, in the heart of the neighborhood. Today our steps took us on the same road and the birds were still there, making their nests, waiting for the next season, which is full of energy for everything in this world.

Is this really me?








The small canal starts from the front of Pathe cinema, right close to our building. On the left and right, small houses are under silence, just like no kid is living there. As long as your steps are going further the silence is even deeper, being in the middle of a small deserted farm. It doesn’t take much and the noise of the cars, passing through Overveen, is starting to get to your ears. And with it the beautiful sight of the church:


In the air the smell of spring is floating and seeing flowers blossoming it gives you even a more powerful feeling of it.


You ask yourself if it is for sure winter, there’s no trace of snow, there’s no feeling that today is the second day of Christmas. Only when you enter the woods of the Middenduin in Kennemerduinen Park, the fallen leaves and the wind sharpness reminds you of the so called winter season. As the contrary of what I was expecting, in the park many people are wandering in search of fresh air: young people jogging, old people discussing, families with kids playing in the leaves. The birds are hiding in the trees and a flock of geese is trying to defeat the wind, with no success.

After 1 hour walk in the park we are thinking to go back home. It is starting to feel too cold and we don’t want to take the bus, so we have another 3 km on the road. Suddenly a powerful red thing takes my sight. First I think it is a kite, but when I look closer there was a Scarlet Macaw parrot. OK, it is winter, there are like 5 degrees outside, we are in NL, and we see a gigantic colorful parrot. And no, we are not stoned! 🙂

After making like 100 pictures with the parrot we’ve decided it was time to go back home. It is still Christmas so the market will close soon, there’s no food left in the house and tomorrow work is starting. Another detour and we’re done, this time we headed to Saint Bavo Cathedral and as the sun was setting down we’ve enjoyed a walk along the canal, admiring the beautiful houses of Haarlem.

Big Ben style of St. Bavo Cathedral


Haarlem’s Theater
Saint Bavo Church


Oh, and do you know that the train is passing through the city?