Year by year we are waiting for the Christmas period more and more earlier. If in Romania it was normal to set the tree on 24th of December, in NL everything is already with lights since almost one month. It is not that I don’t like it, but it still seems to be too soon.

Here, in The Netherlands, I know that the holidays are coming when the “Oliebollen” trucks are installed on the streets. They are nothing but a type of doughnut, which is pretty common in Romania to prepare it in all the seasons, not only in the winter time. If you like sweet things you should try it, it’s nothing more than some flour mixed with sugar and water and boiled in oil (olie = oil, bollen = ball). And the truck usually look like the one in the picture below, presenting the one in front of Haarlem train station.


Another thing that puts you in the festive mood are the lights around the city center. Starting with the middle of November you will see different lights, depending on the city you find yourself in. It is not such a hard thing to understand since in NL SinterKlaas (Saint Nicholas) is more important than Santa Clause. But who says that you should celebrate only one of them?



And now that almost everything is set up, we are waiting for our presents and a new year, hopefully better than this one. A thing I will miss again this year is the snow, but I have Pica to make me smile.



And you, how are you? Are the holidays coming or not?