Human thrift is sometimes more a headache than a way of living and, for me, personally, is derived from my childhood; growing up in a big family, without many financial resources, many times I find it hard to spend money on things that I feel they don’t value the amount requested. But, from time to time, it is healthy for the human mind just to spend some and to enjoy one moment, without additional worries. I prefer to do this especially when it comes to holidays, but this time, together with friends that came in visit, we’ve experienced one dinner in a 1 Michelin star restaurant.


I was kind of stressed, because I am not myself in fancy places, the introvert teenager is still pumping more than 75% of my feelings and thoughts, but I managed to pass over the 3 long hours in the small restaurant, on the river side of Spaarne, close to the city center in Haarlem. I don’t know how other people feel like, but I was totally uncomfortable when, at the entrance, one of the waiters took my jacket gently to hang it in the stand – like I was unable to do it myself. Afterwards, the sommelier came and, since I chose the wine, staid right in my head until I’ve tried the wine – under pressure, it is like you need to be a connoisseur in order to drink some wine in a restaurant. From the service point of view I felt the entire night was too much: if you only take a sip from your glass a waiter will come to refill it and there’s no second you can be yourself. But I guess this is one reason for a restaurant to receive a Michelin star, so it is understandable. Even if the service was a little bit attention exaggerated, I highly appreciated the fact that the waiter remembered that I don’t like fish or anything related with the sea, so when my friends received a  mussel I received Japanese beet with ice cream. Another thing I liked was the fact that the table was exactly next to the kitchen, which is open, in the middle of the restaurant, and I could see the patience and consideration of the personnel: everything was placed with detailed attention on the plates. And the last thing about the place itself: it was the best toilet I’ve seen until now, the smell was amazing and it was very clean – a thing you don’t usually see in the bars and restaurants in NL.

And now, let’s go for some food, served in 3 hours and in small portions. I never thought that food canRatatouille have this kind of taste: an explosion of senses was taking place inside my mouth, like a chemical reaction between sweet and sour was happening at each bite. The amount of food wasn’t much, but after 4 courses and due to the intense taste of food, not even a beer was welcomed. I am convinced that if the portions were bigger, the entire experience would have been bad, due to the combination of so many flavors. What I liked best was the Ratatouille course, named as the restaurant and having the name of a vegetarian dish I used to cook too – but, of course, my version was a disastrous simulation of what I’ve tasted in the restaurant.

Below some poor quality photos of few of the dishes we’ve tried, with many ingredients and, even if the waiter explained us in detail the content of it, the information dissolved into thin air.

Different types of beetBeet


Nobody knowsWho knows?


Find the type of meatMeat?


Dessert delightDelight

As a conclusion the experience was a nice one, but I don’t think I will try another one of this kind some time soon, since it is totally not my style and I prefer to spend my money on something more palpable than a dinner at a restaurant.