It is quite common to suffer changes in the daily life in the first years of moving. At least this was the case for me 11 years ago when I moved in Bucharest and in the last year since I moved in NL. And if last winter I was doing well, this autumn started in force with 2 main periods of sickness. As I was saying in one of my posts, the doctor in NL is not a easy and straightforward stuff and this even added something extra to the lethargic state of mind.

Winter came powerful here, there is already more than 1 week of grey sky and rain. The temperature is around 2 degrees and the wind freezes everything around. In fact I’ve started feeling cold in Romania and, since the AC in the airplane was working non-stop, on Tuesday morning I was in a full sickness condition. Fortunately, in NL it is pretty easy to stay at home to recover so I’ve spent the entire day watching TV, under the blanket, taking Paracetamol each 3 hours – being the pill that each doctor will say you need to take in this situation. It is a easy fix if you start taking it since the beginning, but it can’t solve everything – my neck started to swell and the pain is indescribable. I’ve tried some syrups and drops, but they only calmed the feelings a little bit. The thing that saved me is one of the “grandma’s cures”, which we use in the family for a long time and they are quite known in Romania.

Potato to calm the throat: this treatment is used to calm the pain of your throat and to hurry the infection to be expelled. Grate 1 potato (without the jacket), boil it using as much water as to cover it until it will transform in a hot sticky paste. Take the paste from the fire and mix it with medicinal alcohol. Make a compress from it and hold it on your neck, right under the chin, exactly where the tonsil can be felt. Keep it until it comes cold.

Polenta to stop the cough: we usually use polenta instead of bread in many Romanian dishes, but this time can be used in order to help you in case of severe cough. You need only corn flour and water; when the water started boiling add the flour and mix it until it is transformed in a somehow solid paste. Make a compress from it and keep it on your chest until it comes cold. This helps in slowing down the coughing and in a better breathing.

Vinegar to stop the fever: yes, vinegar is something that is mostly used in salads, but it can also be used in fever treatment. There are 2 ways in using it. One is to soak your socks in vinegar and to keep them on your feet like this. The other one I like most since massage is involved šŸ™‚ Mix warm vinegar with medicinal alcohol (the vinegar should be heated up, not the alcohol – it burns!) and ask someone to massage your back with the mixture. Stay hidden in the blankets and, even if you will be smelling like vinegar for some time, the fever will get down and the general condition will be improved.

These are 3 of the naturist cures I use when I am not managing to slow things down with medication. They are the last resort and they are working each time, of course in combination with the ongoing treatment. Easy to make and to use, common in Romanian families for decades, these are called “grandma’s cures” and they go hand in hand with a rainy afternoon, being cold, under the blanket, trying to read a good book.