I feel like I’ve lost a dear friend and, until one point, this is true. I saw him only once, 7 years ago, in Bucharest, on the day when my niece and god-daughter was born. A 3 hours concert of powerful feelings, laughter, cries, flashbacks and forwards.

The CDs, books, T-shirts with lyrics, they are in the closet, dusty, not used for a long time. In my mind all my favorite songs are mixing, from the happy rhythm of “Closing Time” to the heart breaking “Famous Blue Raincoat”. His music shaped my feelings in one way. Each time I was quitting something in my life, each November day with his lyrics to accept life as it is, the voice which is saying sorrowful words with such a calm I never met in my life was there to keep me linked to earth, to the future.

When they said REPENT REPENT
I wonder what they meant