Last day. Breakfast at Sister’s Bistro. Tasty things on tasty bread. Backpacks in a storage box in the station. Everything set for the evening departure, 8 hours left in the city.

Initially, we were thinking to go at the zoo on Monday. It is highly recommended on the touristic sites, but we weren’t in the mood. Anyway, we had only 8 hours and it didn’t seem enough, I was tired of caged animals, tired of seeing the sadness inside the bear’s eyes (usually the bear is the most saddened animal in a zoo). So we’ve decided to follow the path from behind the station to Karlin. First we got to Vitkov park, situated on a hill, offering a great autumnal view over 4 regions of Prague.  Following the path on the left side we got to abrupt stairs which leaded to the neighborhood itself: old buildings, beautiful painted facades and at the metro station crowds of people during lunch break. From here we entered the main road, turning on the next intersection to the right, following the river to Mala Strana, to Charles Bridge, back in the busy city center, going back to the station, taking the bus to the airport. Since we had a beer left, we stopped in front of the airport and drank the plumb non alcoholic beer – one type you should definitely try if you like plumbs. And so our trip in Prague ended with a tiring day, but fascinating views, 3 rude people in the airport and a flight which wasn’t delayed.