One of the things that surprised me on our first day in Prague were the multicolored hills from around the city center. I think Prague is one of the few capitals with so many forests, a characteristic which, for sure, should be admired and maintained over the years.


In one morning we’ve started from Letna park, which was right across the river on the bridge close to our apartment. From the bridge, like from almost all the bridges in the town, we could see the majestic church from Prague’s Castle area, which we finally saw in one of the evenings. The plan was to visit Letna park and walk along it in order to get to Jeleni Prikop one. Starting from the summer beer garden (which was closed, of course) we slowly wandered through the golden leaves until we got to the Royal Gardens. The visit was free of charge, but we had to wait some time; due to the security check performed at the gate a queue was already formed when we arrived. From the garden we could see the other park awaiting for visitors, at the base of the hill. Even if there are a lot of parks, there was only one squirrel – do you spot it in the picture?


Letna Park:

Another park close to Prague Castle is Petrin hill, which houses colorful trees, sloping trails and beautiful birds. The park is most known for the Observation Tower, which, unfortunately, we haven’t visit. We got in the park with 1 hours before getting darker and we were exhausted from all the paved streets we walked the entire day. But if you want to visit it and want to avoid the walking part, there’s also a funicular available.

Regarding Prague Castle, I don’t know how, but we managed to get in the area at least 4 times. Starting with the streets of Mala Strana and ending on the top of the hill, surrounded by tremendous buildings. We’ve strolled around the churches and different national houses and visited Golden Lane, the alchemist’s street. If you want to visit the street during the day you need to buy a ticket which covers more attractions from the area. During the day the place was overcrowded, but at night, it was almost empty and it was a pleasure to get lost in the area.

Prague Castle and panoramic view over Prague:

Golden Lane and Mala Strana at night (one photo with Lennon’s wall):

Royal Garden:

Oh, and not to forget about Motol park! We haven’t visited the park by foot, but from a motor train, which leaves in weekends from the Main Station of Prague. The tickets are bought from inside the train, which is old and goes slowly through the area. I was expecting for the train to be crowded with tourists, but it proved to be a locals preferred thing to do: families with small kids or grandparents with mature nephews. I recommend for sure this activity, at the beginning of the journey you can admire on the left Vysehrad and on the right Prague Castle. And in 5 minutes you are suddenly surrounded by red-yellow trees, stony hills and small houses at the horizon.