dsc01190On our third day in Prague, already tired because of the crowded city, we decided to visit Vysehrad, a fort located exactly on a diagonal line with Prague Castle, outside the center, a place almost empty, without many tourists. I guess because of the location it wasn’t that crowded, but it was a perfect walk for us.

We’ve started from our apartment and walked for about 4 km in order to get in the area. We’ve passed through the old town, through the “new” town (which is not new at all), parks and nice neighborhoods. dsc01198On the way we’ve observed a magpie trying to break a walnut, throwing from up in the sky. We were curious what will happen, when the walnut landed on the street, and also because it’s a behavior we’ve observed at crows, but not at other birds. Unfortunately, exactly when the road was clear and the magpie came to take her walnut another one came and stole it.

dsc01233From this point we had only 1 km left to the fort, we passed under the train tracks and there we were at the base of the hill, seeing above the brick walls. It is a easy and short climb until you reach the street going around the fort. At one point there will be some tunnels which will lead you to the main entrance, where a info point is located. From the info point a map can be bought in order dsc01262to see a small description of the houses placed inside the “mini citadel”. Because I am somehow in love with seeing the houses as small as possible from above, we’ve chosen to walk around the fort starting on the margin. The neighborhood around Vysehrad is beautiful, with imposing and colorful buildings, dsc01303even if we are far away from the center. The old town is now built only from brick-red roofs with some tower uprising, from place to place. The walk provides also a great view to the Prague Castle and St. Vitus Church is simply more enjoyable from far away. And if we were there we couldn’t miss the cemetery, where multiple Czech personalities are buried and, between them, Dvorak. Almost all the graves have big statues to watch above the dead.

From Vysehrad we passed a bridge which offered again a extraordinary view to Prague Castle and in 5 minutes we were in Staropramen brewery, which, luckily, had a bar and there was no mandatory tour if you wanted to try their beer. dsc01317I felt that the taste was a little bit too mineral, so it was the only time I drank this mark while in Prague. dsc01329In this area directions are set by balances and passing on the bridge back, the “Dancing Building” is keeping watch at the intersection with crowds of tourists which came to take pictures of it. Since the beginning they look so familiar and I remembered that we saw other Gehry buildings in Dusseldorf, during our Christmas Market trip. The streets following Vltava to Charles Bridge are guarded by such colorful buildings, that I had to stop from minute to minute to take another picture, or to simply try to print them in my memory.

It is already evening so we relaxed in another bar with rock music (thing I am missing in NL – I haven’t found a casual bar with normal rock music), enjoying a beer, two, three…