I am for sure now that if, instead of listening Marilyn Manson, I would have listened Morcheeba now I would have been a different person. I feel that, behind the sad lyrics, the relaxing music, this type would have made me to be more satisfied by my life and more malleable.

The music I used to listen to, was depressing, with angry lyrics, bloody images, heavy sounds. This was one of the first reasons to fight with my mother, which used to hate my MM and Cradle of Filth posters. At that time, almost 15 years ago, I used to tell them they don’t understand me and the truth is that I don’t understand it anymore, which was the reason to fall asleep watching a poster with bloody hearts and monsters. And, maybe, my mother was right. That music made me the person I am today, shaped my personality. I don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing, but, sometimes, I think that it would be better if, instead of listening to music which will magnify your teenage rage, I would listen to this music.

I discovered Morcheeba not so long ago, maybe 4 years. Listening a trip hop mix album. From one to another and, grace to YouTube, I’ve listened more and more. And today, when they entered on the scene, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Skye is simply one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. The grace, the shape, the innocent beauty of her face. And her voice is sublime.

I would also recommend Delgres, a blues band with Caribbean influences, which opened the show.