Like almost everybody in this world I don’t like to be ill and with my energy drained entirely. And now, after moving to NL, I don’t like this even more, because the medical service is simply deplorable.

From the day you register at the municipality it is mandatory to have a health insurance, which will be paid monthly and the basic one will cover you for house doctor visits and for other charges above 385e per year. The 385e amount is called “own risk” and if you want you can increase it and you will pay less monthly. The average insurance payment is 100e and, outside the house doctor, it doesn’t cover much else.

My first experience at the doctor is from last year, when I think I had a food poisoning, and I say I think because I didn’t had the chance to see the doctor. The house doctor is always busy, there’s no time to see him, the assistant will give you some advice at the phone and you will be in sick leave at home, ailing. It doesn’t matter that you feel like sh*t, you just need to accept the situation, take paracetamol for whatever reason and try to rest. Philosophy of life.

The second time was after an accident at kick-box, when during a fight the guy hit me really bad in my leg. So I had a bump in my leg, it was swollen and purplish. Again I staid home for 2 days with no treatment, the doctor saw me after 3 days and she told me that if I want I can make a radiography, but it is not mandatory. I need rest and so on. Chill, it passed after almost 2 weeks.

And now, the third time, and I hope is the last time, because I don’t have nerves of steel. One day I’ve started to have pain in my left side. It wasn’t unbearable pain so I didn’t take it into account. After several days, the fever kicked in and all the menu for a strong cold. I thought it is simply a cold, so I took paracetamol and ibuprofen. The fever wasn’t going away, even more it was growing and growing. It was weekend, so the house doctor was not in, I should have called an emergency number, but I didn’t had the energy to be again postponed. I just staid and endured the sickness. On Sunday the fever got at 40 degrees, there’s no stop to it, the pain in the left side was constant now. So on Monday I went to the doctor and he made a urine test with pH strips, he gave me antibiotics and told me to take for 7 days, to rest, bla bla bla. During the medication I still was with fever for the first 3 days, sweating a lot (I was changing the clothes in the morning for 5 times). Anyway, after the treatment I’ve started feeling better. After a busy and tiring weekend in Romania, the pain in the left side appeared again, but not alone. Now I also have pain in my right side. I went again to the doctor. He gave me some blood tests and the results are OK (at least the doctor said so, I couldn’t see them). So in 3 minutes he just almost throw me out from the office and told me to go back only if I have stomach pain. And now what should I do?…

And imagine my surprise when yesterday I received an invoice from my insurance company. It seems that on that day when I’ve been to the doctor feeling really bad, he sent the urine to a special laboratory to test it. But I don’t have any results, I don’t know what was the illness, what was the reason of feeling like that. He said that it sounds like urinary infection, but I didn’t had the normal symptoms. And now I need to pay 121e for a urine test, without even knowing the results!