During my bioinformatics studies, I had a genetics teacher which at each lesson used to exclaim with all the wonder in the world that the human body is the greatest thing that exists in our world, that from 2 cells so many components are developing, generating and regenerating.
Each time I’m reading or seeing something new in technology I remember his amazement and, sometimes, I feel that I have the same level of wonder, but towards the IT world. Being a developer in data bases, working with huge amount of data, when I first heard about data science and big data technologies I wasn’t able to understand totally the process of creating or inventing this kind of technics. Reading more and more about them, learning on my own some machine learning, now I am little less amazed, but sometimes I am still a little bit foolish. Like yesterday evening when in 10 minutes of searching for an airplane ticket, the initial price increased with 10% – which is an effect of big data and data science.
I still remember my first computer, from 15 years ago, a Pentium II, slowly moving, having patience opening a file, watching a movie or playing a game. Now, if my phone or computer don’t have a quick response, I’m starting to be a little bit nervous, there’s no time to wait anymore. Who is still remembering the floppy disk when now you have easily sticks with 60gb? Or the old monitors, CRT, so big, occupying half of the table, with jerky image. The usability and friendliness of a mac book is not comparable with what used to be 15 years ago. And don’t get me started with the phone evolution, when I used for 11 year Nokia 1100 and now I have a small computer in my pocket.
This week we bought a Raspberry Pi 3. Amazing! Small as an IPhone, you can do anything on it. It has OS and you can install anything, do programming, games and other stuffs. With this piece, which is also cheap, who needs a computer nowadays at home? One of the reasons to buy it was to use KODI with Exodus, in order to watch movies by streaming online, instead of downloading from torrents. I don’t know exactly if this is totally legal in NL, but, at least, I am not downloading anymore. It is easy to install and you can even add your IMDB account in order to search for your favorites and you will be notified when a new episode appears. A lot more easier than the times I had to download with Strong DC or other applications!