There are some nights when I have so vivid dreams, which are following me for days, still living in them, still feeling the sensations from them. They are full of color and full with 100% real sentiments. In the last 2 nights I had a dream like a movie series, since last night it was only a continuation of the previous one.

I am still a little bit scared, still seeing myself in the living room, hiding behind the couch, looking after my family. It all started with us being on a plane during the war, the new war which we are all feeling it approaching. Somehow we managed to get in Ukraine, close to the border with Romania, in the area where Romanian is spoken. We got a big truck and drove it until we reached again Romania, somewhere close to my hometown. We were hiding in an apartment and several relatives were bringing to us their children, in order to save them. It was a terrifying feeling, being there, always watching over the shoulders, trying not to breath that much, trying to save everybody. And it ended when a old man entered the apartment with a bible in his hands, with the Romania flag on it and with my mother saying “he told me I am the saver”.

They say that, generally, dreams are related with your deepest thoughts and, maybe, this is the case.  Maybe mine is related with the fact that mid-life crises is here for sometime, that I don’t want kids, that I don’t have a plan for the future. Yes, my mother was the saver for our family, but do I really want to be that too?