In the last 3 weeks I went in Romania twice and this kind of filled my time with different things to arrange and to settle. If the first travel meant to take the train for 7 hours from Bucharest, the second time I opted for a transfer in Bucharest and to fly to Iasi, which is 200 km away from my hometown.

Usually, we are using Tarom, since the luggage is included in the price and the tickets are a little bit cheaper than KLM. I don’t know exactly why, but the online check-in should be done on KLM website when we fly from Amsterdam so I’ve tried several times to check in without any luck: because I had a transfer in Bucharest the online check-in is not possible. After 40 minutes on the phone, I managed to speak with somebody from Tarom and that person had only bad attitude and no answers to my questions: why I am not able to check in, my luggage will be transferred and so on. In the end I decided that I will check-in at the self check in points in the airport and tried to chill. So the next day, like a flower, I went to the airport and after several tries I wasn’t able to self check-in. I’ve started shaking of nerves, since I knew there’s no check in desk in the airport. In the end, after ~30 minutes waiting at a special desk, I managed to check in and go to the gate. And now imagine my surprise when, arriving in Bucharest, I realized I need to exit the airport and enter again in order to board on my next flight! I think this is the case only when you need to change between international and domestic flights, since for international transfer there’s a special corridor. Anyway, all the trip produced a lot of stress, especially on the way back when I had only 1 hour transfer and I had 10 minutes delay from Iasi. At least I’ve been in another type of airplane – ATR- which has air-screws and it was a first for me: