After taking a breath on Parnassia beach, we’ve started wandering on the blue route, having as target the main entrance of the park, from which to take the bus back home. For a few hundred of meters the routes are overlaying, but, suddenly, the stairs from your right will tempt you to go up in the sky.

Blue route

The first view point on the route is close to the beach and you feel closer to civilization: the main building from Bloemendaal aan Zee is visible and the high hotels from Zandvoort are blocking the horizon. Going back to Vogelmeer, but this time on the other side of the lake, you will find a sign for the bird watching house – small wooden cube, with tinny windows, over the lake, perfect to be hidden from the small, new-born ducks. From the front of the house, a tight trail, almost unnoticeable, goes up, back on the official route. Not far from that point, a bench awaits on something like a small platform, in order to observe again the amazing birds, bathing in the lake or simply resting. From this point the road is monotonous, the vegetation is not changing that often and the dunes are not that high. Masked in the trees, 2 memorial stones for WW2 injured are covered with different pine-cones. It is a easy trail to follow and in a few time we get to the intersection between blue, yellow and green. We decide to go on the yellow one, to pass near the Het Wet lake, where swimming is allowed. The shore was crowded, families with small children playing in the sand, naked teenagers without reservation, some young boys smoking weed. Finally, we got the bus without waiting too much, and got home to rest, after 16 km on a hot day, in the dunes.

Pictures here.

BlueRoute1 BlueRoute2 BlueRoute3