Finally the week passed. Friday, cloudy, rainy, somebody is playing a saxophone on the street. As the time passes by and we are approaching more and more the free days, people are starting to appear on the streets, children to play, a general joy that only in NL coincides with weekends.

Saturday. 6th of August. Sun up in the sky, train running from Haarlem to Santpoort Zuid. I feel so lucky for living in Haarlem! The enormous park is close by, only 10 minutes with the train if I want to start from the North or 4 minutes if I want to start from the South. Together with A., which was in visit, with the mountain boots, with backpacks full of sandwiches and drinks, decided to start from the North and come back on foot until home. After 16 km we took the bus, tired and tent, and we left the remaining 5 km for another day.

Red route

From Santpoort Zuid station we followed the GPS on Google Maps until Bleek en Berg entrance in the park. As we entered the trail we’ve seen the fresh signs with red, green and yellow color. The small pillars are almost at each intersection and they are really helpful if you don’t have a map with you. After less than 1 km we arrived to the first lake from our route – Oosterplas, where highland cattle were laying on the road, exactly in the middle of the route. With a fast heart beating we’ve managed to take some pictures and we followed the trail on the left side of the lake. Not even 100m passed that we found ourselves face to face with some wild horses. We had to take a small detour, since at the entrance there are signs with keeping 50m distance between you and the animals. We managed to go down to the lake, in which people were already taking bath. Since the sea is not that hot during summer time, people prefer lakes for swims and in the park are multiple lakes designated for this. I think it must be heavenly to swim near the pink lilies.Red Route 1

From the lake, the trail is split into yellow and red & green. We decided to follow the red one in order to get to the sea side, at Parnassia aan Zee. The trail goes up and down and in some parts you feel like as in the mountains (if you ignore the powerful sun and the sand). The vegetation is small, outside the tall trees. If you pay attention, you will meet frogs and snails on the road. In the top of one huge sand dune a viewpoint is arranged: one of the best places to eat or drink something, looking over the immensity of green around you. After a big pause, we’ve headed straight to Vogelmeer lake, where surprise: in the middle of it, on a flowery island, 3 highland cattle were resting. Coming from different directions, people were stopping to take pictures and to admire the beautiful brown-orange animals, with their majestic horns. We did the same, of course, and staid there for another long break. We were somehow close to the sea and as soon as we’ve entered the beach, we’ve left the shoes behind, jumping into the cold water, getting some energy for the rest of the trip.

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Red Route 2 Red Route 3