It is the end of summer. The cold invaded Netherlands and only the faking sun makes you believe it is still hot outside. From time to time, the fake is replaced with truth, lovely warmth, and all I want to do is to go in the woods, enjoy the giants, stay on the bench and listen to the birds trills. And this what I’ve did last Friday…

together with A. We took the bus ’til Heemstede and walked for about 1.5 km to the Groenendaalse Bos. We’ve decided to follow the red route, being the only one where dogs are not allowed. But it seems that the park is used mostly by dogs owners so everywhere we met with different kinds. And while wandering around the small trails, under the huge green tree crowns, under the sun spots, we met the highland cattle resting exactly in the middle of the road. What a surprise, they were in my mind since May, when we’ve been for the first time there. My heart was beating really fast and I was so absorbed by the beautiful color and huge horns. If you would like to see them, you can do so on the Facebook page.

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