After the pleasant stay in Kerkrade we decided to have another stop on the way back home. We’ve chosen to visit the castle from Hoensbroek, since it was close by and it was almost lunch. Unfortunately, the town seemed deserted, there was nobody on the streets, there was no place to eat something or to buy a bottle of water. The 2 km from the station to the castle were even more boring than a early Sunday morning in Haarlem.

We were wondering where the kids are and we’ve found out in the moment we’ve entered the castle’s courtyard: an enormous place with different games, each one occupied by happy and noisy children. The girl from the counter was extremely bored and she handed with half hand the map of the castle. Since we already visited the same type of castle, this one started to bore us too: the same rooms with the same decorations, small beds, puppets dressed with old costumes, the eagle bound to the tree.

It was already afternoon when we were heading to the train station. Hungry, nothing to eat or drink around, we’ve decided to have another stop in Sittard. The street going to the main plaza of the town is long and a little bit tight. I don’t know which was the occasion, but, from place to place, different live concerts were taking place: one American playing a guitar, some guys singing Latino, some other small parties around the corner. As we entered the main square, almost all the terraces were crowded, but we had enormous luck when D. chose the Greek restaurant. It was the first good meal we’ve had in the Netherlands (in 1.5 years), a lot of tasty meat with nice fries, rice and tzatziki. Most probably, Sittard will be soon under our feet.