The alarm woke us up around 6 in the morning. We were prepared for a 3 hours ride in order to get to Walibi, near Harderwijk. The trip was somehow exhausting: the train between Haarlem and Amsterdam was not running so we had to take a bus to Sloterdijk, from there a train to Amersfoort, from Amersfoort another train to Harderwijk and finally a bus to Walibi. The connections were smooth, but we were really sleepy and couldn’t get a nap since we had to change the train at each 30 minutes.IMG_0205


But we were there, enthusiastic about what will happen. I was really scared, since I am kind of afraid about being somewhere without feeling the ground beneath my feet. And worst idea ever, we’ve watched on Friday a lot of videos with people in Walibi and everything seemed out of my control. But we had the courage to embark on the first ride (Platform 13), without even knowing how it will be. We were waiting behind dark doors and when they opened we just jumped on the sits. In 5 seconds the train left with high speed so there was no time for thinking. Suddenly everyone started screaming and when we were upside down everything seemed crazy. The next one was El Condor, where you remain with the legs outside. The orange roller coaster seemed out of my league and, after the 10 seconds in which it went slowly up, I’ve started screaming like it was the end of my life. I felt the adrenaline much more than in the other one, because most of the time we were with the legs up. The last one in which I’ve been was Robin Hood, which kind of break all my appetite – normal roller coaster, build from wood, made think I will die there – you are only holding a bar which is over your legs and at each jump I was feeling soon I will be thrown over. It was too scary to even enjoy the ride. In the park there are many attractions and we’ve tried several outside the roller coaster: boat on a fast river, thee cups or other funny things. It was so crowded as we were expecting so it was plenty of time to try different stuffs. Tired and with the dizziness in our head we’ve take the bus back, to take a train, and another train, and another train, and a bus. Overall it was worth it, since I never thought I will be able to ride a roller coaster.

In order to relax a little bit, after the full of adrenaline rides, we went, on Sunday, to Het Wet lake, which is only 750 meters away from the main road to Bloemendaal. We took a bus from the station near to our apartment and after 10 minutes we were already on the trail to the lake. As expected, since it was hot outside, the lake was occupied by small kids, swimming and playing around. The lake is surrounded by dunes so we’ve found a nice place in the top of one of them. The view was amazing, towards the lake. From far away the sounds of Formula 1 circuit (from Zandvoort) was mixing with the sounds of happiness of the kids below.IMG_0211