The last stop in the Zeeland trip was, in fact, in Brabant, in Bergen op Zoom city. As soon as we’ve entered the city center the noise and happiness of life surrounded us. It was an incomparable feeling, after 2 days in the desolate scenery of Zeeland.

In Grote Markt, the name of the main market in the town – encountered in all Dutch cities, a volleyball game was on going: a big terrain of sand, artificially placed in the middle of the market, occupied by young boys and girls, jumping for the ball, with nice music around. It was funny to listen O-zone right after RHCP, stupid music (it is clear nobody understands the lyrics) – I really can’t understand how come people like it. After a delicious mushroom soup we’ve got lost on the large streets, with beautiful houses guarding them. We’ve arrived to Gevangenpoort – Prisoner’s Gate, the only remaining gate to the city from the Middle Ages. The mini castle is well preserved (renovated after a huge fire) and nice guides are waiting for tourists to tell them stories about it. Our guide wasn’t speaking a good English, it was a combination in between, but he was really nice, trying to explain everything about the gates and the old town. If in Romania inside the citadel only rich people were allowed to live, here it was the contrary – rich people preferred to live outside only not to pay taxes. Another new thing we’ve found out is that the spiral of the stairs is created from left to right with a purpose: since almost everyone is right-handed it was easier for the ones defending the gate to fight the invaders. After the travel into the Middle Ages, where people used to write on the walls about their imprisonment, we’ve followed the main street and arrived near a beautiful palace – Markiezenhof. The gates were wide opened, expecting visitors from all over the world. The main court communicates with the green garden through a small courtyard, where a restaurants is opened. It was a sunny day, but nothing compared with drinking a beer, in the shadow of the palace, all by ourselves. Going back to the train station, we passed by a live pop-rock concert, the voice was so powerful and enchanting, that if there was more time I would have stop and listen until late night. (pictures here)

BergenOpZoom1 BergenOpZoom2