Small, charming town, with the center surrounded by water, Middelburg offers small, empty streets to walk and to think about nothing. It is only 7 minutes away from Vlissingen so we decided to visit it on Saturday afternoon, since there wasn’t much to do in Vlissingen.

Immediately next to the station a canal exists and behind it the beautiful houses are like guardians of the city. The town center is a little bit different: there’s one square for the church and another one for the impressive town hall. Near the church a dance event takes place: diverse people dancing, especially teenagers. We take a sit at the terrace near by and I ask the waitress if she can borrow her pen for 1 minute. She had the pen in the pocket, you could see it, but she says she doesn’t have any pen. It produced a lot of uncomfortable feelings so after we payed the beers we left. At the town hall square almost all the terraces were crowded – a huge difference compared with Vlissingen or Goes. The city is nice, with beautiful buildings and the canals around, but I’ve found the inhabitants rude: a girl making faces in a store, the waitress with “no pen” and the bus driver not stopping even if we pressed the stop button. (pictures here)