Many years ago we saw a documentary about the dikes that Dutch created in their fight with water. Probably the most known are the ones created in Zeeland, where water produced a lot of damages and loss of lives. The former island, now peninsula, of Walcheren, is connected to the upper island through the dike and artificial island called Neeltje Jans. We didn’t knew much about it and hoped we will have the opportunity to learn something about it there, but we were completely wrong.

We took from Middelburg bus no. 133 and got off at the DeltaPark station. There’s a huge water park, they also have a boat trip, but it wasn’t something we wanted to do (we would have wanted to try the boat trip but it was available only if you pay the entrance to the park too). It was hard to find a route to walk around. The bus simply left us in the middle of nowhere so we’ve just waited for the return bus. The trip takes around 30 minutes, passing by small towns/villages. Of course, we were able to see the dikes, even the bus is passing on the street above them, but it wasn’t exactly what we expected. So, if you have in plan to visit this part, don’t forget to take your car or try a bicycle from the north of the island.