Zeeland is one of the 12 provinces of Netherlands, situated in south-west part of the country. It consists of multiple islands/peninsulas and, somehow, the name comes from here: Zeeland means, in fact, Sea Land, but, geographically speaking, is in fact the delta of the Scheldt, Rhine and Meuse rivers. Vlissingen is the second larger city in the province, after Middelburg which is the capital. Trains are running twice a hour, going to Schiphol, Amsterdam and, from time to time, even to Groningen. From Haarlem the easiest way to get there is to take the intercity to Leiden and there to switch once. The train trip takes around 3 hours, so it is better to consider visiting more than one town. This is the reason we’ve decided to make a “Zeeland marathon” instead of a relaxing stay-over.

For me, the main attraction of the city was the boulevard; walking along the seashore was an unexpected sensation. I’ve found the city a little bit boring and not highly touristic. Common in NL, in the center of the town awaits the church, surrounded by the shopping area and, even if it was Saturday noon, it seemed deserted – feeling that will be with me in each town of the province. The road between the Orange windmill and the casemates contains diverse notes about the wars within the city, especially related with Uncle Beach – operation from WW2. The casemates are part of the main museum: muZeeum, and are composed of 5 rooms, which shelter different history components of the area. The tunnel to the casemates, is going further to the sea, where wooden pylons are fighting with the anger of sea. Coming back to the city center, we decided to visit the museum, but I must admit that I’ve found it dull – the objects were simply arranged on the shelves without any explanations. After some other time spent in the city, we’ve started going slowly to the north of the town, where we’ve rented a room. The houses are different from the ones in North Holland (the province I live in): smaller and more private, tiny colorful boxes with curtains. The town itself is not looking anymore like a fishing one, situation easy to notice even from the food they are offering. (pictures here)

Vlissingen 4