The train from Vlissingen to Amsterdam goes through multiple towns and we decided to stop in some of them. On the list was also Goes, thinking that we will take a steam train in order to visit more in the province. We got there around noon and in the end we’ve decided to walk around the city center and to go further on our trip. Sunday noon, you almost could hear a fly over there: empty streets, only one terrace with people out for lunch, few people on the roads.

Surprisingly, Leonard Cohen comes to my mind, thinking, without hesitation, that the town is waiting for a miracle, waiting for a human breath, for unborn children, for somebody to take over the slow rhythm of life. The phenomenon of  young generation leaving their home town is so visible in Zeeland, at each corner old people, no teenagers, not a child playing or laughing. Going street by street, the emptiness started to be filled with magnificent live music: in a hidden garden a saxophone concert was on going. The audience was, in majority, composed by elders, enjoying the music sitting on chairs, with the white hair up high. After a few melodies we left the scene and headed to the harbor: small area surrounded by old buildings, occupied by luxurious boats. Looking around, only some guys were spending time on their boat, in rest you could feel the wind blowing like in a western movie. We’ve exited the scene through a tight street, arriving to the stain, taking the train to our next stop. (pictures here)