In the last couple of years the idea of going to an “adventure” park started to be more and more often heard around my colleagues. So when they proposed to go in Cernica for some trees climbing I couldn’t say no.

Cernica is a small village at 18 km away from Bucharest. It will be easier to get there with own/rented car, but there are also buses running at each 15 minutes. I remember we’ve visited the area with other occasions: once to see if building a house there will do for us and once with my parents to visit the monastery. But today I will speak about the park. Before it was a forest, near by the lake, the place where most of the inhabitants of Pantelimon neighborhood of Bucharest used to go barbecuing. The area seemed to be deserted at that time, since all the stupid people were leaving the garbage behind (in NL is almost the same: people leave their garbage, the difference is that immediately the cleaning company comes to take it out). It was a huge difference and nice evolution of the forest in the 2 years between our visits. The forest was transformed into a park, having all kind of wooden trails in the trees. The area is more clean and there are special places where to barbecue. Over the lake a tyrolean was installed – which is pretty fun to try, but take care if you are too heavy you will touch the water! You will keep the equipment for the other activities and you have to choose between the 3 types of trails: easy, medium and hard. I think we’ve chose the medium one, but even that one was hard for me. Is not that I am afraid of heights, but I have a problem with not feeling the land beneath my feet – it is the same issue I have in water. I did my best to get to the first exit from the trail and after that I just took pictures of everybody else, trying to go further on: moving branches, ropes and so on. And at the end of the day we’ve just relaxed on the pontoon, near the lake, in the sunset. (pictures here)

cernica1 cernica2