One of the ideas of a day trip from Bucharest, a wild reservation on one hand and a park full with activities on the other, Comana will always be a sweet memory for me: I was there only once at a weeding, the most amazing one I ever attended until now. It was organized in the park and before the ceremony and party we had a day at our disposal for adventurous trails in the trees, little boats, tyrolean and the best part: a superb wild area with thousands of birds.

Comana is at 60 km away from Bucharest and if you don’t have a car or you don’t want to rent one, you can take a bus, which runs at each hour. The ride takes around 1 hour and brings you close to the park, having at the entrance a beautiful small hotel. The area around the hotel is transformed into a “adventure” park with different trails in the trees: you need to hold on moving wooden cubes or ropes, or even climb vertical walls. Some of the other activities you can do are on the lake: rent a boat or a kayak and just float around the wild area of Neajlov Delta – amazing wild ecosystem. Of course, walking is not prohibited and you can also go for arranged bicycle paths in the wood. (pictures here)

comana1 comana2