In Romania I used to go to cinema only if the movie was absolute worth viewing, otherwise torrents it was the best solution to be ahead time. Moving into NL, where torrents is not greatly approved, I’ve started going to the cinema more often and there are 2 main reasons for this: 1) Pathe is right next to our apartment and 2) a monthly pass is 19e.

What is a Pathe monthly pass? There are 2 types: one including 3D and IMAX and one including digital movies with an extra payment of 1.5e for 3D – both covering general admission for how many time you want; if you are interested in this kind of passes you can check the Pathe website. What do I remember from the first movie at the cinema? The noise of beers opening, of eating chips, of searching for the last popcorn in the box. There is a general noise at each movie, but if teenagers are there you are condemned to 2 hours of talking, beers and bags opening.

Going to the cinema at least twice a week, I’ve started to observe some generalities. For example, at horror movies each time a frightening scene should appear somebody starts laughing – this is really blowing all the idea of seeing a horror movie at the cinema. If you are watching a comedy then somebody will start laughing first and the others will start laughing about 10 seconds later, but not because of the scene, but because of the laughter. If you are getting by mistake to a kids movie then expect for kids to talk with each other, to ask thousand of questions to their parents. Of course, at the beginning I was kind of frustrated because all of the noise, but now I just enjoy it – it is exactly like watching a movie with my family, discussing the idea during it, eating and drinking without any restriction. The only thing remaining is for better movies to be launched, when will this be?