Since my friends had an earlier flight than me, I remained for a couple of hours alone in the beautiful city of Malaga. I don’t say solitude is not welcomed from time to time, but I hated being alone in Picasso’s museum, having no one to share my opinions with. The strange faces, designed especially, half front, half lateral, amused me so much, that I was laughing all by myself, with the security guard looking curious at me. Oh, and after I visited Picasso’s galleries, I entered in one with Pollock – it is open until September, and if you are  a fan of abstraction you shouldn’t miss it. I could have stayed hours in front of the Mural.

I didn’t had much time, in fact. So after I literally got lost on tiny streets, I decided to eat in front of the enormous cathedral, during the 11:00 bell ringing. The standard breakfast with jamon, creamy tomatoes with olive oil, coffee, orange juice. It was exactly the same we had in Toledo. Afterwards, following the river bank to the metro station, was a great idea, admiring for the last time the amazing graffiti pictures.

Click on the photo for their actual size.